No Upfront Costs to You - By outsourcing to CitySupport, there are no upfront costs and no costs to budget! With no software to install, support, or maintain, you conserve city administrative and financial resources for more productive and meaningful activities that better serve the community.

Reduce Your Nuisance Calls & Increase Ordinance Compliance - The efficiency and effectiveness of our data tracking and billing makes isolating and addressing repeat offenders a proven tool for deterring nuisance calls.

Optimize Your City Resources - Let CitySupport do all the work for you so you can reduce the burden on your police department and city administration. CitySupport gives you much needed relief so your staff can be used for other functions and true emergencies.

Increase Your City Revenues - Outsourcing to CitySupport helps your City recover costs associated with false alarms. Your City can save money by eliminating costly city personnel costs you currently use to manage your alarm program. With enough savings, your city may also put another officer on the street by outsourcing to CitySupport.

We understand your needs! - With 99% of all alarms calls resulting in a false alarm, CitySupport understands your headaches and the drain put upon your city when budgets are already stretched to the limit. Your police officers could be responding to true emergencies instead of repeat false alarms. We know the cost of City employees, their office space and their salary and benefits to manage an alarm program is expensive and challenging to a City. With this understanding we’re fully staffed to handle every aspect of your City’s alarm ordinance.

We Solve The Problem - CitySupport’s 100% hassle-free administration means municipalities of all sizes can get relief from an alarm ordinance program. While no program can eliminate all false alarms, outsourcing to CitySupport can produce alarming results. Now is the time for the solution to your City’s alarm program burden. Whether small, medium or large; whether you have an ordinance or not, you can confidently have your entire alarm program administered and managed by the pros. Have CitySupport support your city.

  • Ron Starrs

    For many years, our city struggled with the drain placed on our patrol resources from responding to chronic false alarms. Although we implemented an alarm ordinance in the early 1990s, the program met with limited success at best. To have an effective alarm program, we knew we needed to update our ordinance and outsource its administration to a reliable vendor.

    From the first day, CitySupport has been very helpful and professional. They worked closely with me and my staff, and the transition was very smooth. They downloaded false alarm data daily and promptly sent out invoices, which had an immediate effect on our chronic false alarms. Each year, the number of false alarms decreased. Additionally, our department was able to eliminate one full-time clerical position at a significant savings. The best part of working with CitySupport was that there were no upfront or on-going costs to the department.

    It has been a pleasure working with CitySupport, and I highly recommend their outsourcing services for your alarm program.
    - Ron, Police Captain, Ret.

  • Chuck Robinson

    Like many departments across the country, the ever increasing number of false alarms has negatively impacted our patrol and support operations. We learned about CitySupport while researching methods to address our false alarm problem, and decided to contract with them to administer our alarm permit and billing system. CitySupport has been very responsive to our needs, and outsourcing that portion of our alarm program has been a huge benefit to our organization.
    - Chuck, Police Lieutenant

  • Al

    Like most municipal police departments, we are constantly looking for ways to make best use of dwindling resources. One of our more successful projects is our alarm program. In 2006 we made the decision to outsource the administration of the program while we concentrated on deployment and response. CitySupport has done an excellent job with handling the permits and false alarm billings, and their easy to use web based database allow us to identify problem alarms and respond appropriately. They truly provide a turn-key solution to the administrative side of our alarm program, and in all of our dealings with them they have been very professional and accommodating.

    Prior to outsourcing, our alarm program was a drain on our resources, and it was very difficult to get accurate information to our patrol supervisors. Since contracting with CitySupport, we have off-loaded all of the administrative burdens, and we now know exactly what is happening with the alarms in our city. This public-private partnership has been very successful. Not only does the program generate income at no cost to our budget, identifying chronic abusers has allowed us to reduce the amount of false alarms we respond to.

    - Al, Police Chief